Viewing my team's workloads



As a supervisor on my team I want to be able to assign tasks to my team and also I want to be able to search and see my individual team member’s workloads so that I don’t over-assign tasks to them.
Is there a way I can search by individual team member to see their workloads?

Report on ALL tasks assigned to a user

Have you tried with reports?

You can create a report so that in a click you filter the tasks assigned to each of your team members. You can create several reports and even filter the tasks that where assigned only by you.
Report is a Premium feature.


And by the way, one useful tips: if you click on their profile picture then you can see their public MyTasks.


I saw the standard reports are:

  • Tasks I’ve Created
  • Tasks I’ve Assigned to Others
  • Recently Completed Tasks

Is it possible to see more reports?


Yes but you need to be Premium, here is a link to the Asana Guide explaning how Advanced Search works and how to customize reports:


If you search for your team members, you can also add them to your favorites:

Then they’re just in your favorites:


Good one! I didn’t know you could do that.


The challenge is when having more than 50 tasks assigned to a team of people, it would be great to automatically calculate how many hours are on a team members plate on any given day or alert when you go over the hours.

We would love to be able to click on a user and see XXX number of hours allocated to this person and then drill down further.


You may check for Everhour, which is very easy to integrate with Asana and have this specific feature:


Is there a way I can view ALL tasks that are assigned to a particular user? For example, I just want to quickly and easily see what Tasks are assigned to Mary - and what’s assigned to John.

How do I do this?


Hi @RyanS, Asana’s Advanced Search can do exactly this!

More info here:


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