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Is there a way to see a view of all of my employees and how many hours they are assigned across all projects for scheduling purposes?

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If you’re on a Business plan you can use Workload within portfolios to accomplish this.

Now with that workload will show a count of tasks per person from each project added to the portfolio. You can also have time if you add a numeric custom field to each project (I think Asana has one already created that you can just select). The time can either be a best guess estimate or an after the fact commitment.

If you’re on a Premium (Business gets this too) plan, each project has reporting functions by tasks/person. So you could perhaps see open tasks per person, or recently completed tasks per person.

Workload will be more elegant as it shows the variation over time, allowing for better level-loading.

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Nice answer, @Will.S, but just a quick correction: Workload requires the Asana Business plan, not Premium.



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Then everything is understood, most certainly! (But it would be good after that coffee to edit your post and make the correction so folks looking at the Solution have accurate info.)

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Thanks for the catch, Larry!

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