Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

I’m a new Asana user and I really thought this would be a feature. Pls fix it Asana.
As a freelancer I have a lot of different clients with their separate organizations, it’s a hassle to get an overview of my assigned tasks.


This request has been made 3 years ago. 160 messages on this topic and I’m the 500th vote…

Is it actually going to happen?


501 here!

I’m a consultant converting many of my clients to Asana, and now I’d LOVE being able to see all my tasks in one place! Thank you Dev team! <3

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502! Went from working with a big company to being freelance and I have to have this feature for Asana to be viable for me now. I’m so annoyed that it isn’t because I know and like Asana and I don’t want to use anything else, but I can’t see how I can stay if this isn’t on the cards to be fixed (which it seems it isn’t).
Anyone found a good work-around or even another similar product that does this better?

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Agree, I’m currently using teh project buddy integration to push all my asana tasks to my google calendar where they can actually moved to a specific time and date. It’s a good work around because I “time block” my day but it really only works well for a one person team.

Ideally I could see my task list, inbox, teams and project all my organizations in one place. I’d take them one by one in that order of priority though.

Agreed. Multiple client workspaces - would be great to see one task list for me as a single person rather than have to check each workspace!

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+1 more vote for this

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It’s really annoying Asana doesn’t have this. I work with multiple organizations, clients and partners, each in separate workspaces; not to mention my personal projects. Asana should realize the potential this feature has to bring in new users… This work model where you make a career in a single organization is outdated - nowadays people collaborate more, and we need a way to see all our tasks in one place. Asana community has been asking for this for years!

I’m going to try the Taco app workaround which people have mentioned is clunky and not the best solution… but I really need this for Asana to make sense for me. I would 100% be willing to pay for a Premium account if it included this feature.

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Any news about this feature? Should be part of Premium or Business …

Added my vote. I have 3 separate “organizations” that I would like to manage tasks between, but without the ability to combine them into 1 view I’m stuck just using my personal account and setting each “organization” as a project. The side effect of this is I don’t invite others in the organizations to collaborate. Seems like a big miss.

@Brandi_Olson just upvoted this. It’s my top issue with Asana too, although I would include viewing notifications in one place (inbox) as well. Do you agree?

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Definitely agree to both My Tasks and Inbox across multiple workspaces.

UPVOTE. Not being able to see tasks across different platforms makes this experience…NOT GREAT and forces me to outsource some of the workspaces/areas I’d like to keep in Asana.

This is a critical function. The more people that use asana, the more this will become a problem for those that work together from different orgs, with freelancers etc. Having multiple inboxes and my tasks is just not workable. In the least asana could provide a Zapier/integromat/other iPaas recipe for sync between orgs of these tasks.