Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces

As much as this has been requested and as much support as this has gotten, why has it not been prioritized. Does Asana not care what their customers are asking for and what features we would like to see?

This is something that people have been asking for for over 2.5 years and if you don’t care enough about what features we want and would like to see maybe its time for people to move to other platforms that have prioritized and listened to what users are asking for.

Every now and then, I hope that either Asana or someone else will create a native interface for seeing all Asana tasks assigned to me. I envisage a multiple column layout with each workspace lined up. Maybe like the Board layout. Maybe a total number of tasks at the top. Maybe each list being sortable by current order, date, project. I don’t need it to do everything the workspace view does, but I need to see its task details, including the project it’s in, and any subtasks, comments, etc.

It’d also work if there was a global tag or field you can add to tasks that allow you to see all tagged cross-workspace tasks on one screen. Then I could go through my workspaces (I develop and consult for different non profits) and identify everything I want to get done today or this week, and then have a single view to keep me on track so I don’t get to the end of the day and realise I forgot about a task in a particular workspace.


I have one such interface designed - I just need the time to work on its development! Its My Tasks view will display your tasks across all of your organizations/workspaces.


I’m trialing Asana right now, loved it up until I found this thread and realized there is currently no way to view all of your assigned tasks in a single view. My team will never adopt this tool without this feature as we often have 20+ different projects on the go, which everyone is involved with in some capacity. Flipping back and forth between projects, trying to determine workload/deadlines etc. becomes impossible…this is what Asana was supposed to help solve…seems like a pretty basic/key feature that both Trello and Jira offer. Disappointed to come across this…likely won’t extend the trial.

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Hi Marie, perhaps you can help by getting in touch with the development team? I believe in your ability to influence the product road map ;). Flipping back and forth between projects, trying to determine workload/deadlines etc. becomes impossible…this is what Asana was supposed to help solve…this is a basic/key feature that both Trello and Jira offer…needs to be prioritized asap…really.

Hey @Monica_V - welcome to the Forum.

Just to clarify: I think what you’re asking for is to see multiple Tasks across all of your Projects, and even Teams. You can definitely do that - it is definitely the way Asana was built.

This thread is referring to seeing all Tasks across multiple “Workspaces”, or “Organizations.” That is a level higher in the Asana hierarchy. You and all your co-workers would likely be in the same Organization and would never encounter this issue. But if you, personally, started using Asana with, say, a non-profit group you’re a part of, then you would create almost an entirely different account, but that’s called a “Workspace.” In Asana, you can’t pull all Tasks across totally distinct Workspaces together into one list, which is what this thread pertains to.

If I’m misunderstanding your comment just ignore. But as long as everything is within your Organization (which is how many/most Asana users operate), then you don’t need to worry about it not pulling things together across multiple Projects.


This is frustrating, however, I am not sure that every person who came and commented have also upvoted this suggestion. So just to reiterate - if this is important to you, make sure to hit that vote button at the very top of the page. :slight_smile:

I’ll add my voice to this list. We’re the parent company to two subsidiaries. Each company has it’s own workspace and not being able to cross-assign tasks between workspaces is really causing us a great deal of grief. It seems all the competitors to Asana can handle this basic feature easily. If Asana continues to refuse to listen to the demands of it’s user base, we’ll just move to another tool. And yes, we’re operating Premium Licenses across the companies. Fix this guys, it’s been almost 3 years…


Hey @Marie - any update on this particular Product Request? I know your team prioritizes based on things like Activity and Votes - which this Topic has being the 5th most Voted item in Product Feedback, and being open since April 2017! I’ve long wanted this, but similar to @Andrew22 will probably run into bigger issues with this now that we have a parent company and a sister company, with many people working across orgs in some capacity.

ANY info would be helpful.


Just wanted to let the Asana team know – I’ve been trialing task management software for my company + my personal use. The lack of this feature is the top reason we chose another solution. I and my employees wanted a solution that allows us to manage both our personal tasks (“pick up dog food!”) and work.

I’m sure on the technical side it’s fairly difficult and that’s why Asana hasn’t done this, but in our case it would’ve meant our 30 person team would be using Asana rather than a competitor.


Thanks Phil, I signed up for the beta. Look forward to seeing what you can do!

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Hi @Joel_Charles and everyone else involved on this thread :wave:t3:

I am aware our Community has been advocating for this feature request for a long time and looking at all your comments, I can surely understand how this would be useful to some of you. I don’t have insights into how many users work in at least 2 Organisations, but I’m sure this plays an important part into the equation. While we always take on board votes and comments from the Community Forum, we also listen to other channels (ie: feedback received via our support team) and balance these feedback out with our company objectives and mission. This explains why some of the most popular requests from the Forum aren’t always prioritised as soon as you’d like them to be.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any update on this topic at the moment, but I’m closely following this thread and regularly relaying feedback to our support team. The one thing i can promise today is that you’ll be first to know when we come up with a solution to this issue!


Tracking comments is way to cluttered – in fact, the Asana UI is archaic –
you can’t view tasks across different organizations;
you have to contend with activity feeds that multiply like mouse turds;
and you can’t include hyperlinks –

my real question is just how long Asana will survive in light of all the competitors coming into this space.

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This is a really, really, really big pain point for me, too. I use Asana to have a single place to track any thing I need to do, whether it be work-related or personal. Being a part of multiple Asana organizations means I no longer have a single place where I can organize my work. I have been a loyal Asana user for about 5 years and have advocated for my company, which has 370,000 employees, to use it. But I am now investigating alternatives because Asana lacks this feature.

I imagine there are many engineering and UX complexities to consider for this feature, so I understand that it’s probably not a small or easy ask. But I write this post to validate with another data point that it would be a very impactful feature for some subset of your users who are probably among the most passionate of your userbase.

Thanks for reading, and for your consideration!


Has Asana mentioned why this is not a priority? It seems trivial and easy to build. Is there something strategic about not doing it? Asana is so great besides this…seems strange.


Asana, please make my life complete and add this feature!

I feel there’s not much to add here since all my thoughts have already been reflected in the comments above.

But I would like to point out that 1Password solves the multi-organization problem very well and there’s A LOT that you could learn from them.

Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!

Please please please PLEASE make this feature a priority!! It is a HUGE hinderance to my workflow, not being able to see all my tasks across workspaces in one place. We’ve been asking for this since 2017, I can’t imagine why this isn’t priority.


@John_Aitchison - Which product did yo go with? I’m guessing this is not a favored question here, but considering this feature still does not exist, I think it’s fair and might encourage development. However, reasonable minds will differ, so if you don’t want to post here, please consider emailing it to me at

I agree, this is a big problem. I first used Asana in 2013 for a while and have revisited on various occasions. But with no Cross-Workspace/Org flow it really is limited.

To answer Marie (Community Program Manager) : I think everyone would likely have more than one workspace/org since everyone would have at the least their work and personal project space. In my case, I have my company, personal, and side career.


@John_Aitchison I’d love to know what product you chose as well. Having 5 different clients organizations in Asana as well as my own business’ organization, I now have to switch between 5 different screens to see what is due where, and it’s a nightmare. I just need ONE dashboard where I can see ALL tasks assigned to ME in ONE list.

FYI - while it’s a tad clunky, I did setup a free account with the Taco app ( which allows me to pull in ALL tasks assigned to me across ALL Asana organizations I’m a part of. Using the custom filters in Taco, I could sort that list to display which org each item came from and other details.

It’s not gorgeous, but it solves the short-term need to see all my current tasks (especially those due today) all in one list :slight_smile: :+1:

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