Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces



Just wanted to say, been using this for a week and it does a great job. Thanks for putting it together!


  • a 2 workspace user.


Thank you so much! I am working on it in my spare time to add priority sorting functionality via dates, importance, due dates, and other metrics. Please let me know if you want any more functionalities as well!


@Jason_Wang I used this with 4 workspaces and LOVE it. This is EXACTLY what I needed. I updated it repacked it for PERSONAL use with my own images and a motivational statement. It is AMAZING. Thank you!

I would love to know how to make it only show TODAY’s tasks, instead of all upcoming. Any help with tweaking your extension would be SO appreciated.

This is fabulous. You’re a lifesaver. Thank you!


Hi @Miss_AnniKa - great to hear that it’s serving you well! I definitely need to add a feedback and bug reporting interface too. With regards to your question, I haven’t actually imported any due_date labels (I’m currently working on it), but if you’d like to contribute I’d be totally down! I’ll try to write up some documentation later but please let me know if you need any help with the HTTP requests or general Javascript backend in the meantime!!!


This seems to be a regular issue being raised by the community.

It would be great to see development take these types of things on a create a unified task and project management system for people.

The power of multiple workspaces and teams is clouded by an individual not being able to plan and attack there day, week and month efficiently cause they don’t have one view…

I worked across marketing, operations and a number of committees. Workspaces for each which makes it a challenge to prioritise.

Just sayin… :slight_smile:


TOTALLY agreed! I find myself recreating tasks in one space just so I can see everything at once. It would be a MUCH APPRECIATED time saver if @asana would incorporate that feature across organizations and workspaces.


We would LOVEEEE this feature!


Ugh, just researched forever and none of the solutions suggested are working for me :frowning: I’m going to cry. Please make this happen developers. Please!!!


After five years using Asana, I left to use Wrike (at a significantly higher cost) because of its single streamview across workspaces. I’d love to come back to Asana if this feature was incorporated.


I agree with this thread managing work / tasks across multiple workspaces is vital…

I run and work on multiple projects across multiple divisions, plus also use asana for personal tasks.

Surely an extension to the User Profile In the system, a customisation which allows for the user to see what is happening related to everything they are involved with in Asana just makes sense.

The biggest issue is distilling today’s work across the workspaces…

I’m currently putting an organisational business case together for expanded use and this is one of the downfalls…


This needs to be implemented asap. I have been asking for it for a long time


Tried all workarounds/suggestions but they’re no good really. I found with Taco I am using Taco but also using Asana for Asana features. not good.

The linked tasks mean you can’t sort them into a list of others to prioritise/tag etc.

We are a development organisation that do work for other organisations. I told them to all get Asana accounts and invite us in. That’s not working as we miss tasks and deadlines on the other organisations and our customers blame Asana. So we may try to have all our customers organisations as Teams within our own organisation so they can assign us tasks and we can see them all across all organisations. I wont pay for their users though so I would not upgrade if their users count as paid users.

But if Asana offered this in the upgrade option, they’d have 4 organisations I work for all upgrade and pay. Instead we’re all sticking to the free account until such features are introduced.