Viewing all assigned tasks across multiple workspaces



10000000 %- I’ve checked back for this repeatedly over the years. Its seems half…err… near all of these applications are built for people with very basic lives and workflows. Not people the build and collaborate across magical silos.


Can you provide screen caps of what it looks like with everything pulled together? Whats a view look like across Asana orgs/workspaces? I don’t see any pics showing this on their site.


So there are 200+ votes here. When do you think the developers will see this thread and actually implement this into Asana. Cuz this has been a suggestion for ~ 2 years now.


I also am using Asana across 4 workspaces (personal/household, a start up company, a small business I run, and my full-time job).

PLEASE… I would love this feature. I need to be super disciplined and organized to accomplish all I dream of.

I’ll try out some of the other temp solutions, but am not excited about them. I don’t want another login/system to maintain.


Yet another +1.


+1 on the view tasks across multiple workspaces request


Same here, this would be really helpful.
I definitely need this feature. Using Tacoapp now, but it’s far from being good.
So big +1 on this feature request.


Important feature. I also support a unified view (and notifications). +1


I tried asana, loaded all my clients and projects - but was missing this unified view feature. The tab extension definitely won’t cut it (besides it loads slowly too).

Unfortunately, I had to switch back to Jira - which in my eyes was only superior to Asana because of the fact that it’s easy to setup dashboards for unified views across projects. I liked Asana better in every other aspect.

If you add Jira style dashboards with unified views of Kanban issue statuses, across multiple projects and workspaces, I’ll come back to Asana in a heartbeat.