View Tasks & Subtasks with Assignees

Is there a way to view a Projects Tasks & Subtasks and who they are assigned to - sorted by Assignee?

i.e. We put our weekly jobs into 1 project board as tasks & some w (differently assigned) subtasks, and want to (easily) be able to see an overall of what is assigned to who…

Hi @Christine_Andrews, thanks for reaching out!

You can certainly sort your tasks by Assignee in list and board view, see screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2020-06-09 at 09.15.39

Please note you’ll need to add the subtasks to the project in order to see them in your project list and board view.

Alternatively, you can create an advanced search report with the following parameters:

I hope this helps!

Thanks @Emily_Roman. For the custom search, can you save this custom search, so you can quickly use this search in the future, without having to setup each time?

Also, I saw for the custom search you can save the report, where it that saved to?

sorry for the late follow-up @Christine_Andrews!

You can save your report. Click the Save Report button to save your Search View as a report. Once saved, your Search View will appear under your Reports section beneath your favorites at the top of your sidebar. Please find more information in this article :slight_smile: