How do i view tasks and sub tasks assigned to me + orignal Due Date vs completed?

Hi Team, new to Asana and we are running into a few hiccups when trying to use Asana to run our sprints. Can you help me with these two questions?

Users cannot see sub tasks in their task manager: We are using Asana in a single project view using a “TASK” to define a project and the sub tasks underneath to outline the 3-5 tasks needing to be done to complete that project. The issue we are running into is that the users assigned to the sub tasks cannot see the work assigned to them in their task manager. How do we solve this? We don’t want multiple projects as our projects are small in scope so want the project view to provide the overall landscape of projects in flight across the team.

What was the original DD? I’m trying to get a sense for how often we hit are planned DD. What’s the best way to understand planned vs actual DD so we can focus on those projects to understand why dates move?

Thanks all!

Hi @Ben_Schulze, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :slight_smile:

To clarify, are the subtasks assigned to these users and they are not showing up in their My Tasks page? If the subtasks are not assigned to these users, they will not be visible under My Tasks.

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

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Hi Rebecca, thanks for the info and my apologies it looks like i could have stated my question better.

The use case is: In the project list view when i filter by assignee or a custom column “SPRINT” we created it only pulls up tasks vs tasks and sub tasks. What’s im trying to show is, “Show me all tasks and sub tasks assigned this sprint to this person.” We are using the task level as a min project with sub tasks where mult people might be assigned to individual sub tasks to complete the mini project.

Same would apply then to the timeline, calendar, dashboard views. They all seem to be at the task level. Didn’t know if there was a way to show the sub tasks.

Hi All, just checking back in to see if anyone from Asana has updates on how best to address these following 2 items:

  • How to filter tasks / sub tasks by person at a board level
  • How to capture original DD and completed DD to get a sense of projects over running planned DD

Following up with anyone from ASANA to answer question. I am also looking for the same. Not being able to filter by subtask makes these tasks useless to me. I have to spend so much time going through all tasks to find what is assigned.

  • How to filter tasks / sub tasks by person at a board level

Hello @Michael_Zucchi welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

If you add the subtasks to the project directly all will show for you to filter easily.
You can bulk edit tasks to add them to the project via list view.

Here is more info shared by Emily:

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