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I need a way to view/compare the task list for multiple assignees at once- the reporting seems useless since I actually need the list of tasks, not just the number of tasks.

I want to be able to compare the specific tasks assigned to several members of my team at the same time- I am able to see the tasks assigned to one person, but can’t figure out how to see the task lists for four people at once.

I tried tagging all the tasks I’m interested in with a specific tag, but that is both onerous and then, once I’ve opened the tag, it also doesn’t allow me to sort by assignee, it has auto-sorted by project and I can’t change it.

What is the best way to compare the specific tasks assigned to different team members simultaneously?

Yeah, tags are designed as really just visual indicators. They are far from being full-fledged data elements as one might expect.

The only way I know of to do what you want is to create a project e.g. “Tasks for 4 Certain People”, and then do an Advanced Search for all such tasks and multi-home them to the project. (Save the Search as a Report so you can revisit it frequently to keep the project up to date. The Search should include the condition "NOT in “Tasks for 4 Certain People”.)

Amazing kluge, I know.


Unless I’m missing something, couldn’t you just do an Advanced Search like this:

(that shows two assignees, but you can list as many as you want). And you can limit to one or more projects, teams, etc., if needed.

The result shows the tasks (not just count) and you can even group by Assignee and save the report so it always appears in your left sidebar to check anytime.

Hope that helps,


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