Quickly find what people are up to in bigger teams

Hi. I’m new to Asana. Our one team has more than 7 members so they don’t all appear in the sidebar as initials. As the Project Manager, I might need to check on anyone. I can’t even favourite everyone to add them to the side that other way. This is because I’m favouriting via Home (is that the only way?), and they don’t all show up in the non-sidebar main display there. Only frequent/recent connectrions, not everyone. Maybe I should save a bunch of searches on unassigned tasks, one per person. Is there a better way? Cheers.

Hey @Chris_Bamford welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Only seeing 7 team member icons per team is normal behaviour

Yes as you suggested one idea would be advanced search and save that.

Multi-home all tasks in one project with sections so you have all team member tasks in one project and can easily view the calendar as well.

Portfolio could be an option.

Or team members can also give you access to their „My Tasks

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OK. Thank you.

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