How to see all team players at the frontpage?


I have a cross functional projekt, but on the front page, I can only see half of them?

Hov can I see them alle?


After the list of members goes above a certain number you have to open the manage members window to see the full list of members.

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I know that - but the circles at the frontpage gives me the opportunity to see all the tasks I’ve given the member.

That is not possible if I just click at the full list of members?


Unfortunately not. And there isn’t currently a way to do that.

This has been discussed in this topic.

The work around to get to another users Task list is to create reports.

Despite multiple users wanting the same functionality you are looking for, I can’t find a Product Feedback topic to vote for it. Instead, you may want to add one.

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Hi @Louise_Kingo_Liokour and welcome to the Forum! @Vince_Mustachio is correct here, the only way to see the whole list of members for a given team is project is currently through the “Members” tab; if you want to access your colleagues My Task, the quickest way is to search and click on their name via the Search bar!

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