A team member is missing a Circle

I would like to view a particular team member’s tasks but they do not have a circle icon displayed within the team toolbar on the left. The person can be found within team settings but not clicked on to view only their tasks.
Is there a way to get circle icons for everyone, or to decide who gets a circle icon? We have 7 team members with these icons, but 10 team members total. There are team members who don’t need the circle icon- is it possible to decide who gets one if 7 is the max number to have in the tool bar?

Hello @Sara_Tremaglio welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

Have a look here this should answer your question: UI Navigation change: Only 7 Team Members displayed in the left sidebar - #11 by Marie

Now in terms of how you can see a specific team members task there are various options:

  • Use Asana Advanced Search (You can also save search reports)

  • Type in the email address of the person in the search bar and all their tasks (that you also have access to) will show

  • Open the Team and access the team member list and access it via there

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