How to filter Board tasks by assignee?


While in a Board Project, how do I filter tasks by assignee? I want to see what is particular person is responsible for.


Hi @Ruslan_Sudentas, as it stands it is not possible to sort Board projects by assignee, but if you have access to the Advanced Search you can run a search for all tasks assigned to this person in you board project

Hope this helps! :wink:


Thank you Marie. Unfortunately it doesn’t help as I need to see all tasks for a specific person sorted property on a board (to separate what is done, what is on to-do and what is on hold). There are too many people and too many tasks to make sense of it otherwise. Pity that asana misses such a basic use case.


Yeah that doesn’t help. The boards are a missed opportunity for sure. Not having the ability to filter boards by assigned or tags is such a basic feature almost all board views have that I’m surprised your product managers haven’t done. They really dropped the ball their. :frowning:


Do you have plans to add it?


Thanks for the follow-up @Alex_Bargmann;

Yes, our team is currently working on this, I’m hoping to have some good news to share soon! I’ll make sure to also update this thread to let you know!


Hi folks!

I’ve some good news for you! We just implemented new sorting options for Board projects! You can now sort your Board projects by Due Date, Assignee, Likes but also by Alphabetical order and by Custom Fields!

If you have any questions or want to submit your feedback, check out this post!

In the meantime, I’m marking this thread resolved!


We wanted filter option your solution to sort still has the clutter on the board even when the team size is as small as 5. Sort doesn’t help much.


Completely agree with this. Such a basic feature and I cant make it work. Very frustrating!

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