View other peoples tasks

How can someone view other peoples tasks. I see “my tasks”, but it would be great to see what others are working on “today” and “upcoming”.

Hi @Chris_Broadway

Just click on the other person’s name or profile picture and a list of their tasks will appear.

Have a nice day :wave:

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Hi @Chris_Broadway, welcome to the Community Forum :slight_smile:

@Eva2 is absolutely right! Please also note you will only see public tasks and tasks you are a collaborator.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have follow up questions.

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Where are you finding the other persons name or profile pic?

I assume this is not available with the free version?

Hey @Chris_Broadway,

You can certainly see another user’s My Tasks when using the basic version of Asana. You can also search by their name or click on their name when someone @ mention them.