View Inbox and Tasks at the same time (Mac App)

I use the Mac app for Asana and would love the ability to view my inbox at the same time as viewing “My Tasks” in List view (even when a task is open to view details). I can imagine this might operate in the same way an email inbox does, where when engaged, the inbox opens at the bottom, allowing me to view my tasks as normal, clicking on them and having them open details to the right but allowing me not to miss any urgent messages.

As a designer the way we work can include up to 50 projects a week, it’s quite normal for me to have 20 ish tasks and subtasks I need to tick off each week on average, and our department uses colour coded tags to keep track of where they are all at (waiting feedback, WIP, waiting approval, approved to upload, uploaded, scheduled etc), along with viewing by due date in the task list. I also use section names with the same titles because I can find the task list a little overwhelming and need the visual division.

But with so many jobs across various marking managers and writers adding their assets our inboxes can go off every 30 mins during the day, and if I’m busy designing something and need to grab content from my tasks all the time, the inbox gets missed. I’ve been right clicking and opening it in a new window, which is ok, but screen real estate is at a premium and this can make it hard to keep track of each window and I’ve noticed a few bugs when both are always open.

Perhaps also Asana mac widget for inbox that shows the text of inbox messages/task comments as they come in. I have widgets pinned to an area on my screen so this might work while I leave my task view normal.

Bonus suggestion: I have my headphones on and mac set to “speak announcements” and then only turn on notifications for Slack / Asana / work apps during work hours… Slack will read my full notification to me, so I don’t have to stop what I’m doing to see a message if it’s not in the right screen, unless it’s something that requires an immediate response. Asana just says I have one.