Organization Tip of the Day- Clear Inbox

Your Asana Inbox can be a helpful tool for staying updated on what your team is working on and getting the latest information about relevant projects. It’s most helpful when you clear messages as you read them so you always have visibility into the latest updates.

As you read through the Inbox feed, you can action anything you need to provide input on (by commenting, liking, or adding subtasks), and then you should archive the notifications you don’t need to action once you’ve read them. This will keep your Inbox organized and informative.


@Kaitie, thanks for your tip, The inbox is indeed a great tool. But what I don’t understand is why all my today tasks show in my inbox. In the upper part of the screen I have 2 buttons: My tasks and Inbox. So it is perfectly clear that I have to go to My Tasks to see my tasks for today. It is unnecessary to put them also in Inbox. I can’t find a reason why Asana should show them twice. Every day I have to remove them out of the Inbox (and I’m not talking about 2 tasks a day, more like 20+). A waste of time. (apart from this I am a great fan of Asana!)


Thanks for sharing, @Paul_Hoogeveen. I understand your thoughts on this and how this can create unnecessary noise in your day. I’ve captured your feedback for our Notifications team to consider how we can improve this in the future.


Thank you @Kaitie, hopefully they come up with something smart as a solution for this.

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There is a joy in archiving the message from my inbox - a sense of achievement


I also see no problem with this. When I’m assigned a task by someone, I get a notification that someone assigned a task to me and find the task in “My Task”. Perfect!

@Kaitie I Agree with @Paul_Hoogeveen I am just wondering if this new? I don’t remember previously getting this in my inbox, and it annoys me.

You’re talking about something else. It is not the tasks that someone assigned to me. It is ALL tasks for today.

I am not sure, but I think this happens when you set the sort in My Tasks on “None” (so when you work with Today, Upcoming and Later). Before I had the sort on ‘Due Date’ and didn’t receive all tasks in the Inbox. Since I changed it to ‘None’ suddenly the tasks for today where also in my Inbox. But I can be mistaken…

That’s strange. I’ve never seen this behavior in my Asana. When I assign myself a task I don’t get a Inbox notification. It’s only when someone else assigns a task to me that:

  1. I get a notification “ John assigned this task to you”
  2. The task is waiting for me in My Tasks under the New Tasks section.
    I always then process the New Tasks to zero (until there are none left in New Tasks) and put the task in Today, Upcoming (<= 1 week) or Later (>1week).

But I confirm that in my system I never get notified when I assign myself a task. Do you get a notificarion for every single task?

@Thierry_Bechard, thanks for your quick response. Indeed I get a message of every single task for today. For example: for today I have 15 tasks, so I get 15 times this in mij Inbox: 23

If you don’t get this in your inbox and I do, I presume this is a setting somewhere. @Kaitie, can you help us out? Is this a function you can turn on or off?

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@Paul_Hoogeveen check out the Asana guide on the Inbox: Asana Inbox | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide

About half way down there’s a Asana Tip that says:
“Inbox will only display notifications for actions and changes performed by others. You will not see Inbox stories about actions that you perform yourself.”

So you shouldn’t be getting notifications about tasks that you assign to yourself. I’m very curious to see what the Asana team’s response is on this.


@Thierry_Bechard - thank you for tracking down that resource

I have also fed back that I see the same behaviour as @Paul_Hoogeveen and I prefer it to work as @Thierry_Bechard describes

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@Kaitie, you can see that @Neil has the same problem as me. Could you please find out what is wrong. We still have to remove daily tasks from the inbox. That is total unnecessary work. Asana must help with work, not create work. @Thierry_Bechard has no such behavor, so there must be something wrong. Please advice!

Hi @Paul_Hoogeveen,
This may have to do with a bug or an account specific setting. I’ll investigate this further and get back to you shortly.

There is a new hack that allow you to turn off the notifications of your today tasks, see:

I think this is what you are looking for.


Perfect! Thanks, Julien.

Hi @Paul_Hoogeveen, just want to close the loop wth you. Have you had a chance to check the hack @Julien_RENAUD is referring to here: Organization Tip of the Day- Clear Inbox - #18 by Julien_RENAUD. You should be able to disable Inbox notifications for tasks due today from the hack section of you Profile Settings (How to Control Your Profile Settings in Asana | Product guide • Asana Product Guide). Keep me posted if you’re still having trouble with this!


Hi @Marie. Yes, that is the answer! I have to choose: Disable Notifications for Tasks Starting & Due Today in the Hack section. @Neil, also for you this is the answer. Thanks!