Vacation Planning Template/Tips

I am new to Asana but many of the things on my personal to do list are tasks related to planning our vacation at the end of the summer. Is there a template already made that would be helpful for this? Or any general suggestions on how to set up the project? I guess it would be similar to event planning. Need to do things like book hotels, pack (would love an asana packing list…that might be its own project), plan for meals while we’re there (which will involve a mix of meal planning, shopping before we leave, shopping when we get there, meals out when we’re there), etc.

Loving asana-ing in my usual chaotic orbit and any advice is appreciated.



Hi @Christina_Libby1, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:t2:

I love that you are using Asana to plan your vacation! :parasol_on_ground: As you mentioned, I would recommend using an event planning template for this. You might find this one useful: Free Event Planning Template - Coordinate Events [2023] • Asana

If you do come up with any personalised templates, do be sure to share them in the usecases category!

Happy planning! :slight_smile:

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