Using Templates In An Existing Project

I want to be able to insert templates into an existing project. Seems simple enough. Otherwise, the only other option is to manually duplicate each task, which is painful.

Have you thought of having a set of CSV files to import into the project? Here is the guide: CSV Importer • Asana In addition I created an Excel Spreadsheet with dynamic date changing to recognize holidays, weekends etc. Import With Dynamic Due Dates

Create a project based on a template and move the tasks all at once into the main project. This is another solution.


I learned you can shift+click tasks to move them around in bulk. Time-saver! Thanks.

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CSV also sounds like a respectable alternative.

Tested it out. Exported a template which had the columns:
Task ID Created At Completed At Last Modified Name Assignee Assignee Email Start Date Due Date Tags Notes Projects Parent Task

Only problem it seems is I mapped the Parent Task field to “Subtask of” but received errors of “Unsupported value” for every value in that column.

As per the guide:

  • The subtask must appear after the row it is a subtask of. (This is automatically done as I have exported the template.)
  • A subtask cannot have the same name as the task it is a subtask of. (None have the same name)

@Josh11 I assume @Marie can point you to the right resource to help answer your question. In the meantime, how many tasks and sub tasks do you have typically in your reoccurring need.

@James_Carl @Marie @Bastien_Siebman astien_ We are still having the same issue we are trying to upload subtasks to existing tasks in a project and the parent task column continues to return the unsupported value error. any thoughts?

I am unaware that you can upload subtasks into an existing parent task through any Asana tool.

So all of this discussion is about creating a new parent and subtask at the same time? that doesn’t help much after initial start

@Rachel_Botts I think the theme was to import new parent and subtasks into an existing project which can be done in several manners but I do not believe their are tools to add subtasks to existing parent tasks of existing projects. I do not believe the CVS importer allows to add subtasks to existing parents. New Parent Tasks with new subtasks can be added in CSV importer or through the tool I developed called Sendana Add @Marie can you please confirm my understanding that their is not a tool to add new subtasks to existing Project parent tasks. @Rachel_Botts can you give a little explanation of when/why you would add new subtasks to an existing project. Are there dynamic workflow additions that happen after the use of a template approach to setting things all up at the creation of the project? The reason I ask is, I think it would be possible for your to add additional tasks (not subtasks) and maybe use Sections for a different hiarchy.

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Thanks for the mention @James_Carl and my apologies for the delay in responding to you!

As it stands, it is possible to import subtasks in Asana but only if the parent tasks are in the CSV. If the parent task is already living in Asana, it is not possible to import and link a subtask to it automatically. You would need to first import your subtask as a task, and once in Asana, move it below its parent task.

Hope this makes sense, but feel free to reach out if you have any follow-up questions or comments!


So sorry, I need to pay better attention to my notifications from the forum!
We are building and sailing at the same time. This is our first year in Asana and we have not fully refined our usage. So presently we have some information loaded and are hoping to add to it not start over.

I would love to see Asana make a way to implement new templates to existing Asana projects!


Welcome to the Forum @Brooke_Logan and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

There is an existing thread regarding this topic so I’m merging your post with it to avoid duplications. I hope it’s OK. Please, don’t forget to cast your vote by clicking on the Vote button next to the title :slight_smile:

Have a great Friday Brooke!

Hi can you share that with me as well? I have a project that I would like to add an existing template too. Thanks

Here is a great tip that serves as a workaround for the inability to apply a template directly to an existing project: 💡 Templates can also be "task factories"

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The “task factory” concept has been added to the possible workarounds we came up with: 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

Please help find others!

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Why isn’t there an easy way to add a template to an existing project? It seems so simple and useful. I’m just surprised there’s not an “import template” button in the project dashboard.