Using multiple templates in a project

Please consider developing functionality to allow using multiple templates within a project. :smiley:

Hi @Joella and welcome :wave:t3:

Are you referring to project templates? Would you mind sharing a little more about what you envision and maybe tell us in what way it would be useful to your team? Thanks!

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Currently we have created a project template for on-boarding clients. A good portion of the template is consistent across clients but we are finding ourselves editing, deleting and/or adding tasks based on the clients needs. It would be extremely helpful if we could use the on-boarding template to create the project and then add additional templates to it.

Clients A, B and C on-boarding projects all have the same 20 required task. Client A requires a trust and SEP IRA account, Client B requires a Rollover IRA and Tradional IRA account and Client C requires a 401k account. The accounts types are unique tasks. I would like the ability to create a template for each account type and add it to the existing on-boarding project.

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My team has had a similar idea. Some sections only apply to certain project types, so rather than having to delete sections from a master project with all possible tasks or add the tasks relevant to a specific project type, I envision the ability to select which sections to include in a new project.

This would really help us when it comes to updating templates to ensure consistency across projects.