Using Forms with templates

First of all i am an Electrical Contractor and i use Asana to track the progress of each job we have on the go. i am in the process of creating forms for the paperwork my site staff need to fill out on a regular basis. i would like to integrate a form into a template so that when the form gets filled out it becomes a task in the project i created from the template rather than becoming a task in the template. everytime an employee submits a form it adds the task to my template.

does anyone have a solution to this?

Thanks, Thomas

The form needs to be attached to the project, not the template. A template is a regular project, once you create a project from a template, there is absolutely no “link” between the two.

However a valid feature request would be that a form attached to a template is carried over to any project based on the template. It is currently not the case.

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