Using Asana For Tax Practice

Mostly want to use Asana to keep track of due dates and keep my to do lists organized during the rigorous tax season. Should I set up clients as projects? If so, How do I keep them organized in the left side window. Can I copy tasks to different projects that relate specifically to getting the tax return processed (and the pre and post processes as well).

Hi Cindy,

You’ve come to the right place! I imagine folks in the Community will have additional suggestions for you, but here’s a place to start. I suggest that you do the following.

  • Create a project template for your usual tax process (include pre and post processes). If you’re not a premium user and unable to create a template using the process I linked to, then you can create a new project and include the word “Template” in the title. Then, just copy that project for every customer.
  • Copy the template and rename it for each customer. Add and remove tasks to each customer’s unique project as needed.
  • Organize your projects in the side bar. Favorite a project by clicking the star next to the project title, and then the project will appear in the side bar. You may want to color code your side bar for more organization, as we discuss here Project Prefix To Identify Team - #4 by Alexis

Please let us know if you have follow up questions.


thank you for the information!