Project Prefix To Identify Team

@JCarl We use a prefix system and it has proven to be super helpful. It helps me distinguish between teams, solves the problem of multiple projects with the same name, and keeps everything organized in my side bar, as well. I organize projects by prefix and color coordinate by prefix, too. For instance, everything specific to the customer success team has the prefix CS. Ex. “CS Content Plan.”

I recommend that you do use the prefix system. However, it looks like the long prefix you listed, ACTY|, would make things feel cluttered. If you can shorten all prefixes to 2 or 3 letters, you’ll probably find that your projects and side bar don’t feel so cluttered. Color coordination helps, too! Just use the drop down arrow next to project title, decide if you want the color to be changed for everyone (see the checkbox), and then select the color.

Here’s how my sidebar looks…without revealing too much :wink:

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