Using asana for all internal communication instead of emails

Hi there. I just heard a podcast that says to use all business/team internal communications via a Project Management app. How would I do that please?

The podcast guy mentioned Slack, but I prefer to use Asana.

Fyi the podcast also mentioned:
all external communications should be done by email
All internal communications via a PMT

Is there a way for my emails via iMail apple to auto populate in an Asana task - or visa versa:
create a communication in an Asana task and it to auto populate in iMail apple?

Hi @nyprosell. Thanks for the questions. I will give you my opinion.

You basically just start doing it! Get all you co-workers/teams signed up for Asana and begin using it for all project/task or general communication. You can read a bit more on this here: It really is dependent on your business structure and what you need to accomplish on a daily basis in regards to internal communication.

From my experience, Slack is great for internal communication (DMs, announcements, brainstorming, …). But anything which requires an action/task/project - should be put into Asana. All communication related to these projects/tasks should then take place in Asana.

Yes, but you will need to go through a 3rd party app. Mailbutler is one that is free (with restricted options) and it works quite well with Apple Mail and creation of Asana Tasks within. Mailbutler + Asana app integration • Asana


Thanks so much for your thorough reply Bernie, really appreciate it, I will get back to you with any comments or questions on this, as 20+ things on in our hopper at the moment.

I did download Mailbutler and intergraded Asana via for my iMail.

Will update reply later.

Thanks again!! ny

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Update -

I downloaded MB for iMail but emails arent syncing with Asana.

Hi @nyprosell. Here is a prior thread which may help: Mailbutler and Asana

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