Using asana for all internal communication instead of emails

Hi there. I just heard a podcast that says to use all business/team internal communications via a Project Management app. How would I do that please?

The podcast guy mentioned Slack, but I prefer to use Asana.

Fyi the podcast also mentioned:
all external communications should be done by email
All internal communications via a PMT

Is there a way for my emails via iMail apple to auto populate in an Asana task - or visa versa:
create a communication in an Asana task and it to auto populate in iMail apple?

Hi @nyprosell. Thanks for the questions. I will give you my opinion.

You basically just start doing it! Get all you co-workers/teams signed up for Asana and begin using it for all project/task or general communication. You can read a bit more on this here: It really is dependent on your business structure and what you need to accomplish on a daily basis in regards to internal communication.

From my experience, Slack is great for internal communication (DMs, announcements, brainstorming, …). But anything which requires an action/task/project - should be put into Asana. All communication related to these projects/tasks should then take place in Asana.

Yes, but you will need to go through a 3rd party app. Mailbutler is one that is free (with restricted options) and it works quite well with Apple Mail and creation of Asana Tasks within.


Thanks so much for your thorough reply Bernie, really appreciate it, I will get back to you with any comments or questions on this, as 20+ things on in our hopper at the moment.

I did download Mailbutler and intergraded Asana via for my iMail.

Will update reply later.

Thanks again!! ny

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Update -

I downloaded MB for iMail but emails arent syncing with Asana.

Hi @nyprosell. Here is a prior thread which may help: Mailbutler and Asana

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