✅ Use case - Dumping Slack and emails for Asana

During a recent session with a client, I shared with the audience the fact that many of our clients actually stopped using emails internally as a result of implementing Asana. They usually do, while still using Teams or Slack on the side.

It looks like they took it a step further by also getting rid of Slack!

They use Asana to communicate, with the Message feature, which is quite rare. Even us at iDO we struggle to find this feature useful. We force ourselves to use it just to be able to talk about it.

They also use WhatsApp for emergencies.

Are you using Messages in Asana yourself or simply comments on tasks instead of emails? Did you have a discussion at your company about the communication tools you use?


I personally prefer the version with Asana Tasks (instead of Messages).

Replace a Slack Channel by an Asana Project.
Every Task represent an announcement (a message) that comes with its own channel of communication (via Collaborators), same as Slack feature “Reply in thread”.
It works particularly well for “Newsfeed” type of communication channel.

This is what it looks like

And I created a template version that you can download there: https://bit.ly/iDO-newsfeed


Here we also got rid of internal e-mails. Our internal communications guidelines specify that Asana is our primary communication channel, with Whatsapp being for emergencies (and part of the staff that don’t use Asana) and e-mails only for external connections.

I only use the Asana messages when communicating big changes in projects so it get’s delivered specific to those interested to these projects.


That’s the way @Joao_Gabler ! Well done :+1:

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So, you add the people you want to see that announcement as a collaborator? And then is there some way to know they actually read it?

Hi @Donna_Rekitt1

Then, I would create a subtask (per people), with something like “Read the announcement” and to make it easier for them, add the link in the subtask’s description.

When they complete the task, you know they have read it :wink:

That looks like an additional action, but you would actually create the process just once, as a rule.

  • When announcement is created (= task added to the project)
  • (Optional) If a certain condition is met
  • Then, create subtasks for “User 1”, and subtask for “User 2”… with all the users

If you don’t have too many users, that should work. :grin:

We got rid of internal emails. I use messages almost solely for meeting notes and project updates.

We still have slack though–which is good for watercooler activities or for broad announcements.

Not every work activity of our IT division is in Asana yet and so not everyone is using it.
We still have a separate system for incident and service requests from clients, as well as email and Teams to communicate.

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