Using Advanced Search to Find All My Incomplete Tasks That Are in Completed Projects

We have accumulated a lot of completed projects. Some of them still have incomplete tasks in them, and some of those are mine. There are enough of them, that they clutter-up “My Tasks”.

I’d like to be able to create a list of all my incomplete tasks that are located in complete projects so I can quickly assess them and either delete or do them.

Welcome, @Rob_Kelley,

I think in native Asana you would have to do this in two steps, and assuming you have access to Universal Reporting and Portfolios (not required but easier if you have that feature too) in your plan.

First, you need to get the list of completed projects. You could do that with advanced search clicking the Completed box, but then in search results look at the Projects tab:

That’s your list of completed projects, the domain over which you want to find your incomplete tasks.

An alternate way to do the above would be Universal Reporting, like this:

Then click the segments to get the individual project names.

With either of the above giving you the list of projects, now create a Portfolio containing all those projects to use in the next step (or skip this if you want to specify them below).

Now create (another) Universal Reporting chart like this specifying that portfolio in which to search across, for incomplete tasks; also filter on tasks assigned to you (not shown):

(If you want to avoid the portfolio, you can search over “Specific projects;” specify your list right in that field and skip the portfolio step.)

That’s long-winded, but might not take you that long, depending, and I believe is the only way to get your answer natively in Asana.



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Thanks. I see how this would work.

Since the sheer number of completed projects is long, it would be very helpful to have the option in Advanced Search to filter by “Project Status” (On Track, At Risk, Complete…) much the way we are able to filter based on “Task Status” (Complete, Incomplete).

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@Rob_Kelley, It would be good to add a new post in Product Feedback to this effect and vote with the purple vote button there.

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