Using a Mention, but shows a tasks of a different project

Hi All,

Within the projects some tasks for us are “risks”. We name the title startting with R001, R002, etc.
This is accross multiple project (and different team).

When I make my weekly status update I want to call out the risks. So, I do @ R001. In the drop down it shows me the dropdown with results. However, it also shows me the the tasks (starting the same) of different projects and actual different teams.

How can I limit the results too only limited to the project I’m making a status update for?


Hi @Niels_Oomen ,

I am not aware of a way to limit the scope of @ tagging other tasks/projects/etc. I also wasn’t able to find a Product Feedback thread that was exactly what you are talking about (although I def think it’s an interesting idea). Perhaps considering moving (and re-titling) your post to that channel or creating a new one there.

In the meantime, this is not a perfect workaround, but if you open the R001 task and copy the link, you can paste it into a comment and it will shorten to the task name (the same thing that happens when @ mentioning a task).