Use Custom Date Field in Calendar View

I’ve already voted for this topic, but just adding that we’d also benefit tremendously from this feature. @Asana_Support

Yes, we need this!

Agree this is something we really need, would make it easier than creating a whole new project for a content calendar :slight_smile:


I agree! We totally need this! Please Asana make it possible!

Hi Marie,

I know your team gets tons of requests, but I wanted to express how needed it is to have the ability to see tasks by custom due date in calendar view. I.e., the task shows up on the date of the custom date, not the due date. (While you can filter in calendar view to show only tasks based on custom due date, the task still appears on the day of the due date).

Here’s a thread that’s been active for two years:

I appreciate your consideration.

Thank you!



PLEASE for the love of god implement this feature request!

I also have the same pain point with Asana as the others above. With any task I need to know and plan when I’m planning to work on the task, which is entirely separate to when the task is due.

For now I have to create a subtask and then use the due date on that as when I’m next working on it. Not a great workflow and I can’t control visibility of that (I don’t really want people on the project to see this, it should just be a My Tasks field).

Having a calendar view that allows tasks to be shown based on on a custom date field would help, but there’s a lot of other things in Asana that could do with thinking about this principle of managing when we are working on tasks vs task due dates.

I think you can use ‘start date’ feature for this. it is in the same place where you pick the due date. It is a premium feature though.