Use Custom Date Field in Calendar View

Yes please!

Can’t believe this still isn’t implemented in Asana…

OMG this is what we need too. PLEAAAAASE make this happen??

Pleaaassseee make this a feature!!!

Yes, please make this a feature.

I’ve been trying to go all-in on Asana for my business (coaching + content) and the lack of this feature makes it that much harder.

Up-voting this… Notion has this capability (“Show Calendar By” and you can select any custom date field) and I’m surprised that Asana doesn’t.


The tree is decorated, the fireplace is roaring, and the kids are having a blast. I’m sitting on the couch, a drink long-since warmed to room temperature in hand. All I wanted for Christmas in 2022 was simple, the ability to use these custom date-type fields in any meaningful way. A calendar, perhaps, so we can, you know, see our dates fields in a meaningful, human way.

A year later and I’m still here.


Hi Christine ,

Can you demonstrate how to set up a a product feedback thread to solve the custom field date problem~

Thanks so much

Actually, @蔡奇軒, this thread is a Product Feedback thread. So to vote for this request, click the title to scroll to the top of the thread, then click the purple Vote button to indicate your interest.



Hi Larry,

Thanks for the explanation.



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This is taking way too long to implement. Simpler task management software, even note taking software has this ability but Asana does not yet?

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This is a really basic function–I don’t understand why this isn’t a feature yet? We would use this all the time: First Draft, Send to Print, In Hand Dates ALL need to be seen on a calendar.


Hi @Lydia_Shaulis welcome to the forum you could look at doing a work around by multihoming subtasks into a calendar project.

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We share the same sentiment; this feature would greatly enhance our workflow. Currently, we rely on Asana for managing our comprehensive 360 marketing campaigns. Introducing calendars based on custom fields could be a game-changer for us. Specifically, we would use the ‘due date’ field to help our creative teams stay on track, providing a clear indication of when their work is due. The The custom field ‘Publish date’ field would play a crucial role in our 360 marketing calendar, allowing us to easily visualize and coordinate the live dates for content across all our verticals on a single calendar.


There are many customization options with list and board view - I wish we also had the ability to customize calendar view. Calendar view is so limited, it’s practically useless. :frowning_face:

I’m very frustrated with this missing feature as well. I’m wondering if it’s bogging my calendar down by setting publish dates as a milestone and all other tasks/subtasks are connected to this. Anyone tried this?

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Honestly why is this not a thing?

+1 on the need for this. @Asana_Support

Isn’t this already a thing?! Shocked to find out that we cannot use a custom Date to create a calendar

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