Use Custom Date Field in Calendar View

+1 for this feature - it kind of blew my mind a little when the custom date feature was added, but I then realised you couldn’t use it as a filter for the calendar view :exploding_head:

any update on this?

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Hi @Anita_Abramyan , @anon60222337 , @Martina_Bezděková , @Jessica_Eastman, @Greg_Stine , @Angie_Meeker , welcome to the forum :wave:

Asana don’t make their roadmap public so they will not let you know until a feature is actually scheduled to be released.

But rest assured that the forum moderators will post an update here once/if this feature is released!
Until then, make sure you have all voted using the purple button at the top of this post, which is more effective than a +1 post :wink:


Please add this feature! Now I have to juggle my calendar separate from my tasks, which is a headache.

Any updates? This request was first made a while back.


I am evaluating the Asanna and other management tool atm, and this feature is extremely important for the content calendar…


The ability to sync custom fields with a calendar seems like a must. Like many on this thread, I’m trying out asana for a publisher, and need to create a “master calendar” view. Our “due date” field is irrelevant for the calendar because we’re using subtasks for actual task due dates. These sub tasks are using the due date as the trigger, and we use a publish date in a custom field. I want to see a publish date on the calendar, not the arbitrary due date.

Anyone on this thread know of a workaround besides using a complicated zapier integration?

Please do this! I’ve been searching for over a year for something that this one issue would solve entirely.

Yes. I just started using Asana for our publishing schedule and am running into this issue. It could be a great editorial planning/publishing service but it needs multiple date fields that can be mapped to different calendars to be truly useful.

Hi @Tamsin_McMahon, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Thanks for weighing in on this feature request. Don’t forget to vote at the top of this thread, if you have not done so already.

I’ve ended up here after trying to work out how to view the custom field, ‘Publication date’, in a calendar format. Can’t believe this doesn’t exist. Given Asana already knows the field is a ‘date field’, surely it’s as simple as just displaying the information differently (!) - i.e. as a calendar. This would be a massive help to the team, if this function was available.

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Any updates on this feature? It would also be a game changer for our projects and the way we use asana.

Joining the group with a strong request for this feature. Thank you!

I’ve come into a company that already had Asana, and it blows me away this isn’t available. Smartsheets, Airtable, Monday all have this feature (and have for years). Let’s go Asana… this is a “me too” feature.

We also need this feature!

We would this features as well.

When might this be resolved. Would be a gamechanger for me. I’m a lawyer and any one matter can have multiple court dates (at the moment I can only view one in the calendar).

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I just tried to do this (unsuccessfully) and came upon this thread as I was researching a fix. I’d love for this to be implemented as we have days we want to launch a campaign but don’t want it to be a “due date.” I’d love to be able to have a calendar view of launch days

Another vote here - I know the additional date fields are fairly new, and I really hope this functionality is added soon. While the ability to add those fields is helpful, not being able to put them on a calendar kind of defeats the purpose of even doing so for our purposes.

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Up vote!
The only reason I would pay for Premium is if we can have custom feilds on the calendar/chronology views.

We really need to have this function too. We have furniture orders with mulitple dates (order, ship, received) that we need to have shown on one calendar.

Are there any workarounds? This thread has been going for a year, wondering if there is an update from ASANA?