use created templates in all teams


I ve created project templates in one team and would like to use them in all my other teams too. ATM it is not possible, when I access the template button in other teams I can only choose the project templates of ASANA.

do you have a solution? THANKS SO MUCH :slight_smile:

Hi @Lisa_Dorfhuber, welcome to the Asana Community forum :slight_smile:

You can follow the steps here to use your custom template: How to Use Asana Custom Templates • Asana

I hope this helps! If not, please let know me and we can take another look :slight_smile:

Hey @Rebecca_McGrath thanks for the support.

unfortunately it did not quite fit…

I have many teams and I would like to use the templates I ve created not only within the respective project and team, but over all my teams.

Is there a solution? :slight_smile: thank you

Thanks for following up, @Lisa_Dorfhuber. If your template is added to your Organisation’s library, you should be able to use them in any team.

Have you followed these steps to convert your project to a template? → How to Use Asana Custom Templates • Asana

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