Project Template sharing across ASANA teams in the organization

The way to implement user curated Templates is a bit non-intuitive at the moment, and a solution as to share the different custom templates is for our team very much needed. We are a large organization that has an Enterprise sub for ASANA, and we need a template across several different teams to make sure that everyone is working in a set workflow to keep the task information and roles interconnected and automated as best as possible via rules and fields.
With so many users, it’s a time consuming endevour to share the templates per team and project, so my suggestion (and wish in a, hopefully not-so-far-away, update) is to implement the same solution for templates as you have for Bundles -where there is a possibility to make the Bundle available across the organization instead of teams. By adding this functionality to Templates, it would make it way easier to ensure that all of our users in our organization, in all the different teams, has access to the templates they need in the Templates menu.
This way, when creating a new Template, there is a possibility to share across organization instead of only connecting them to a team.

Would be very much appreciated to get some feedback on the matter, and if there are other in the forum that sees the need for this as well, please upvote and feel free to add your thoughts.

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Note: Not a solution but marked as such to elevate a key reply

Until/if Asana offers this, a common solution (and best practice) is to have a single “All Staff” team and place your org-wide project templates there.

This team should have all added as members, or set the team to Public and rely on individuals joining the team themselves if they want access.

(I’ve updated the title to clarify you mean Project templates not other kinds of templates.)