Use Asana and Trello?

This is a cool new way to keep your lives in Asana and Trello connected. Please let us know if you’ve used Unito and how it has helped your work. :slight_smile:


With the new boards in Asana, is there really a need to keep the two in sync?

Feels like a helpful way to bridge the divide…and ease the transition :wink:

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Don’t say the “T” word around here! haha Yeah I honestly have no idea why someone would use Trello over Asana anymore. It’s more expensive for smaller teams and doesn’t have nearly the feature set or flexibility.

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I use Asana and Trello with my team. We adopted Asana several years ago (other teams saw the benefits of Asana and now the whole company use it) but when we started using Scrum 2 years ago I needed a board and not a list. Milestones just didn’t cut it: too much scrolling, reduced visibility. So I moved the dev team to Trello for the Sprint board whilst kept Asana for the Product Backlogs.

Tools like Zapier help to copy tasks from Asana to Trello. But there is still quite a bit of manual work to get this setup.

Asana Boards, which were released a few months ago, look promising. Getting back to a single platform would be beneficial to all. However, we’ve grown fond of several Trello add-ons that are still missing from Asana and are blocking this move:

  1. We use Corrello (Google it) for Sprint reporting. It offers automatic Sprint Burndowns, Release Burnups, Cumulative Flow Diagrams etc. This saves me tonnes of spreadsheet time.

  2. Column counts: number of cards and number of points in each column (taken from task titles)

  3. Custom backgrounds. Not crucial but we have a different dev choose it each Sprint and it keeps things interesting.


  • Based on the 3 points above, are there any Asana integrations that would either help unblock the move from Trello to Asana Boards?

  • Alternatively, are there any other integrations like Unito that would offer a closer relationship between the two platforms?


Hi Adam! I’m glad to hear that you’re considering moving your Sprint board back into Asana.
There aren’t immediate plans to add column counts or per project / board custom backgrounds, but I’ve noted your feedback around both to our product team.
You can use our open API + Custom Fields to create live data reports based upon your Sprint board project. We actually just added the Boards endpoints! More info here :slight_smile: - Asana Developers - API, Documentation & Community Support • Asana

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Hi @Alexis! Based on Unito’s pricing model, I understand that they don’t have a free plan, am I right? Thanks in advance.

Hi @pkoutsod - Thanks for reaching out! We do not have any information about Unito’s pricing. I recommend that you reach out to the Unito support team at Contact Us | Unito for questions.

OK @Alexis. Thanks for the feedback.

@Marc from Unito you might want to step in?

Hi @pkoutsod, thank you for your interested in Unito! Unfortunately we don’t have a free plan, but you can always try out our product for free for 14 days. If you have any more question, feel free to contact us at Contact Us | Unito, we would also love to help you set up your syncs.

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Hi Xenia! Thank you for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Hi! I have a problem with Unito, it can’t find projects and workspaces at Asana, though I can find them in trello. How does that possible?

You should ask Unito directly I think.