Moving from Trello to Asana

I have a workgroup which has been using Trello for some time, and as our organization is moving to Asana as our standard for PM, they’re like to migrate their Trello projects over to Asana. What’s the best way to do this? Would it make sense to start a Unito account for a little while and use it to get everything synced over to Asana, then kill the integration and de-implement Trello?

Hi @Chris_Lewis,

Unito is surely a great option, but if you’re looking to migrate your data, I’d also recommend taking a look into our new CSV importer which automatically recognises Trello data and maps your fields into Asana: Importing data from other tools to projects in Asana • Asana

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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What did you use in the end? We are planning to do this but have found the CSV export from Trello to Asana to not map fields very well at all.

Hi @Chris_Lewis - did you use Unito in the end? I saw this as a possible way forward too. Would love to get any thoughts from you. I work at Xero FYI