Updating task description via API

Hi all,

Is it possible to update the task description via the API?

Basically, I just need to keep the description as it is, but add a URL onto the end.

I have searched through the documentation and forums, but haven’t been able to find anything.


@Sam_Weedon, Perhaps you couldn’t find it because internally Description is called notes or html_notes:


Yes, you can certainly do this with the API as documented throughout that page and with the other general pages on using the API.

Hope that helps,


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Ah, that makes sense! Thanks a bunch @lpb!

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@Sam_Weedon If you want to keep what’s there and just append to it, you’ll probably want to use html_notes, not notes, so that you don’t lose any text formatting that users may have done.

Ah, yes, good point, thanks, @Phil_Seeman