About Asana API Development

I would like to ask about Asana’s api development.
[Using Asana’s api]
Is it possible to embed the text information pulled from the other in the red frame (margin) of the attached image in association with the task ID?
If you can’t do the above, I would appreciate it if you could teach me if you can do it with the comment orchid of the task.

Hi @Daichi,

At the moment, there is no supported way to integrate external API-based functionality into the Asana UI. You can, and some external integrations do, accomplish this via writing a Chrome extension; but it’s not officially supported by Asana and these can, and periodically do, break when Asana changes elements of its UI that they rely on.

In terms of your other alternative, to write information into the comments of a task, you can absolutely do that. The specifics will depend on what language/platform you’re using - if possible, you can use one of the supplied official client libraries - but task comments are called “stories” in the Asana API, and here is a reference as to how to add and manage stories: Asana


Hi @Phil_Seeman
Thank you for your polite response.
It was very helpful.