Adding attachments to a story

Hello, I’m trying to figure out how to add an attachment to a story (comment) on a task through the API. I’m using the createAttachmentForObject method in the AttachmentsApi library (through NodeJS). I can’t figure out how to set a comment on the attachment.

Using the attached screenshot as an example. If I use the getAttachment API, I can get the image of the duck. And, if I use the getStory API, I can see the comment “This is a picture of a duck.” But, I don’t really see anything that binds one to another. So, when I actually POST a story/attachment into my Asana task through the API, I don’t see a way to set text to an attachment, or an attachment to a text comment (story). Is there a way to accomplish my use case?

Hi @Christine_Hill2,

I don’t think so. There were several threads on this overall topic; they were more in terms of getting, not posting, but I think the conclusion is that the API currently doesn’t have the ability to associate attachments with specific comments/stories, either to read or write:

cc’ing @John_Baldo @Jeff_Schneider for confrmation…

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