Project Description API

Is it possible to add Project Description when creating a new project via the API? I am very new at this an hopefully this is not a stupid question. Thanks, Steve

@Steve_Wiles, Yes–Project Description is the notes field as listed in Asana.

Hope that helps,


Larry, Thanks for the quick reply. I tried adding “notes” to my JavaScript as below. No errors, but project description is blank when I open the new project in Asana.

var myProject = {

 name: document.getElementById("input-projectName").value, 

 notes: "this is sample note for description",

 team: myHomeTeamGID


client.projects.duplicateProject(myTemplateProjectGID, myProject).then(function(result)

thanks for your help, Steve

@Steve_Wiles, What you have there looks correct, so perhaps someone else can spot something, or has a thought? I haven’t had time to try Postman - Sign In which might provide a way to test outside of your app.


Hi @Steve_Wiles,

As you’ll see in the docs for the duplicate-project endpoint, there’s no capability to specify new notes (i.e. a description) as part of that call.

You’ll need to duplicate the project, which will return you the duplication job, then query that job by ID periodically (I do it every 10 seconds) until you get a completion response, which response will have the ID of the new project, then update that project to add the description.

The docs aren’t too expansive on project duplication but there’s a little more info here.

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