Project description in the new List View

Hi “Project description” has disappeared recently. Where can I find it?

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Hi @Atsuno_Kanaya it is under Project Details. The project Header has recently been changed.

Have a look here for details.

Hope this helps…



Hi Jason,

Thanks for the post. I could find it!

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I cannot find the project description in the new format either. Only where to edit the description. Where has it gone?

Hi @Sarah_Schoolcraft :wave: Thank you for reaching out!

You are correct here. As @Jason_Woods has mentioned, the Project description is now under the Project Details.

I hope this helps! Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with!

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I finally asked my coworkers about this because it still wasn’t immediately obvious. In case anyone else finds this post, the project details can now be found by clicking on the “i” that’s in a circle (looks like an information symbol) to the left of the star.


Can someone tell me why I can no longer see the white project description box on any of our projects.

@Jack_Gallagher the project description is now hidden within the project actions. Please click the drop down arrow to the right of the Project Name and select “edit project serials” to view this information. You’ll also find these details in the “About this Project” section when viewing your project from the “Progress View”

Hi @Jack_Gallagher and thank you for reaching out! :wave:

As @LEGGO explained, the Project description is now under the Project Details .

You can access by clicking in the drop down arrow next to the Project Name >> Edit Project Details or by clicking in the image button next to the drop down arrow.

I’m moving this thread to an existing one in the #tipsandtricks to avoid duplications. I hope it’s OK.

Have a great week you both!

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Thanks for the info. I had been using the project description box as a place-holder for how users should add and edit tasks in projects. This worked well when it was always on display. Has anyone got any ideas about how to do this now that it’s hidden away?

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A best practice might be to use the first task within the project as a template or guideline that instructs users on how the workflow within this particular project is designed.

What about the descriptions that were already part of existing sections? After the UI change, I lost a lot of data in the description fields in the many project sections that I had.

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Hi @S_Hamerman :wave:

For all your old Sections that contained data, we have created a task nesting all this data so you don’t lose anything and you are able to store it somewhere else.

I hope this helps, but don’t hesitate to let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

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Are you able to share how far along we are with the Sections migrations? I still have a lot of projects that have Headers (not converted to Sections yet) which prevents me from importing via csv to projects. I’m curious if there is a timeline and whether you could care when my domain might be completely converted. Thanks so much!

That helps but I can’t seem to find this task.

Hi @S_Hamerman! Apologies for the trouble.

You should be able to find this task just below the Section (it has the same name as the Section).

I hope this helps! Please confirm if you could find it or if you need further assistant with this.

Have a great Friday! :wave:

Got it, thanks!

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It would really be nice to have our own option to show the Project Description to the right of tasks or not. I really wish this was available and hadn’t changed to be hidden. I put the Project Address/Pertinent information in that area and would like it to be readily visible in an overall look at the project. It would also be much more helpful to see the Project Status in this area too. This is important information to the overall project and it’s cumbersome to click through each tab trying to locate.

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@Abigail_Hall, You don’t have to click through any tabs to see Project Description. Just click on the info icon which is present for all the tabs:

Seeing Project Status is also available from any tab: You can see a summary of the status if you have one set–this screenshot does not–and just click it (Set Status in this screen shot) to be taken to that tab directly.

Hope that might help at least partially,


Thank you, Sarah_Schoolcraft! This is what I needed to know.