Can't see Project Details

As of today, I’m no longer able to see project details when I click “Edit Details” in my projects. Can someone help me troubleshoot why this happened all of a sudden?

Same here! All of our project details are gone with a recent update. We have important information in there that we need to access! This feature seems to be completely gone. We also have it built into our templates and it’s useless at the moment. How do we get this view and the info back?

Add another one to the list that can’t see the details. I checked two different computers, I’ve checked incognito, and cleared my cache.

But, other people on my team who are NOT the admin of the project can still see the details thankfully so I can at least get the info from their profiles. Then I copied it into a task just so I have it.

I’m so glad I copied all project details into a file last year.

Hi all, thanks for reaching out! We just rolled out our new feature Project Overview and you will now be able to find the project details in the Overview tab in your project. Please find more details about this update in our recent announcement: