Section Description


I’d love to be able to add a description to a section via the API. I know that it is currently not supported, but I’m wondering whether there’s an ETA for this, or maybe even some kind of obscure workaround?


Are you talking about a section in a board or a section in a list? :thinking:


You can update the section’s notes as a normal task update.

If the section is in a board you will not able to see the description in Asana UI. In List view everything will worked as you want.


That was exactly where I was going @Diakoptis :stuck_out_tongue:


In a list


Then a section is a task with “:” at the end of the title, nothing else :wink:


Oh, wow, that makes everything a lot easier - thank you!

So I should be able to modify sections using the task endpoint?


Positive :smiley: