Updating an existing subtask using Zapier


Quick question (I hope I’ve written this in the right place, it’s my first time posting to the community page), is there a way to use Zapier to update an existing subtask?

I’ve tried using the ‘Update Task’ action but as a part of that you need to run the ‘Find’ action. Here’s where I’m coming up short. The subtasks (which themselves were created by a Zap) are not technically in a project of their own, which means that Zapier fails to find them. They are however under a parent task which is but that doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I been trying various different ideas in terms of trying to get the subtasks to also be in their own stand alone project but I can’t find anyway to automate this, which is kinda the point.

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated

@anon27038375 I don’t think Zapier can do this unless you already know the subtask “Task ID” from an earlier step in the zap.

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