Subtasks: auto-populate or copy & paste a list of subtasks to a new task



Does anyone know of a trick to copy an entire list of subtasks and add to a task? Or any similar hack that can save us time from manually entering subtasks every time?

I’ve tried Zapier already. Technically there can be subtasks added to a task based on a trigger. The problem is: there is a bug and it cycles though hundreds of Zapier tasks before the subtask is created - making it not usable. I’ve been talking with Zapier support and we’ve tried many work-arounds, but can’t make it work.

Extra info: each new task that we want to have this function is auto-populated by a Wufoo form, which can’t be applied to a template.

Subtask ‘template’ or list - to add to any task/card

I’m assuming that each subtask will have it’s own description, etc. so just copy/pasting task titles won’t work - therefore, what about have subtask templates? So every time a task is created by the Wufoo form, you can copy the templated tasks and then drag them to be subtasks on the Wufoo task? It’s still manual (and I’m sure someone can suggest something to automate it), but I guess it’s slightly better…

Some people may have a way with the API, to copy a task, etc. - I just know very little about API innerworkings =(


I tried this, but it’s actually easier to type in new subtasks than to copy and move existing tasks. :tired_face:


Ditto this! Really need this function. :pray:


Yes, please do this!


Yes! This would be so helpful, or a way to have subtasks auto populate into certain projects in the same way the custom fields do. It’s important that they be subtasks though so we can modify/update/add notes to them.