Subtasks: auto-populate or copy & paste a list of subtasks to a new task

Does anyone know of a trick to copy an entire list of subtasks and add to a task? Or any similar hack that can save us time from manually entering subtasks every time?

I’ve tried Zapier already. Technically there can be subtasks added to a task based on a trigger. The problem is: there is a bug and it cycles though hundreds of Zapier tasks before the subtask is created - making it not usable. I’ve been talking with Zapier support and we’ve tried many work-arounds, but can’t make it work.

Extra info: each new task that we want to have this function is auto-populated by a Wufoo form, which can’t be applied to a template.

I’m assuming that each subtask will have it’s own description, etc. so just copy/pasting task titles won’t work - therefore, what about have subtask templates? So every time a task is created by the Wufoo form, you can copy the templated tasks and then drag them to be subtasks on the Wufoo task? It’s still manual (and I’m sure someone can suggest something to automate it), but I guess it’s slightly better…

Some people may have a way with the API, to copy a task, etc. - I just know very little about API innerworkings =(

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I tried this, but it’s actually easier to type in new subtasks than to copy and move existing tasks. :tired_face:

Ditto this! Really need this function. :pray:


Yes, please do this!


Yes! This would be so helpful, or a way to have subtasks auto populate into certain projects in the same way the custom fields do. It’s important that they be subtasks though so we can modify/update/add notes to them.

This would be super helpful…

I’m looking for this exact function and disappointed to find it’s not an option. this seems like a no-brainer function

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FYI this capability is available via the Add subtasks from a template rule action in my Flowsana integration.

If I’m understanding your question correctly… I had the need to create a primary task (deliverable) and then multiple subtasks under that. What this allows me to do is add a primary task with multiple subtasks to another project that’s already created. The setup takes a little time, but each time you need to duplicate it is quick.


  1. Make project, it doesn’t have to be a template
  2. Sort by Due Date
  3. Add your primary task
  4. Add any metadata (custom fields you want)
  5. Add your subtasks
  6. Add subtasks to project (see next steps for easiest way)
  7. Make sure your list is unsorted
  8. Click the black arrow (next to the complete button in the list) that opens the primary task to show the subtasks
  9. Select all the subtasks
  10. Click the add to project button at the bottom of the screen
  11. Add metadata (custom fields)
  12. Giver everything a date far out (2030, 2040, whatever)

Now, when you need to add this deliverable and its subtasks to another project, you just DUPLICATE the primary task, making sure you choose NOT to keep the due dates. This will create a 2nd set of tasks in the same project, but they are sorted at the bottom because they have no due date. Select all the tasks, and change the project they are in from the template to whatever you want.


  1. Select the primary task
  2. Duplicate (wait for all the tasks to create)
  3. Select all the tasks with NO Due Date
  4. Change the project from the template to whichever project you need

Basically, for me to add these primary tasks to another project requires 4 clicks… where before I tried multiple things all of which were a huge pain.

Again, hopefully I understood your question.