Updating ALL TASKS, in all projects, in a team

Asana team;

We’re needing to make an improvement on how we take advantage of Asana’s capabilities. These improvement will affect ONLY the tasks found under a specific Team.

Long story short— we have about 150 tasks that will need to be updated by adding to them all the exact same set of subtasks.

The Subtasks that I need to “copy/paste” into all the new tasks are found in a template task that will be used for all future jobs. Is there a way I can copy/paste all of the new Subtasks from the template into the old existing tasks under that team?

Once those subtasks are added, someone will have to go into each one and start filling in the specifics that are not something that can be automated (due dates, etc).

Did you know if you copy several text lines (subtasks titles for example) you can paste it as a subtask and that will create several subtasks?


I was not aware of that, Bastien, and it’s very helpful.

However it won’t fully solve the issue. About 7 of those subtasks will need to individually be added to certain Projects. Give the approximate 150 tasks, that means I’d be needing to manually add about 1,000 subtasks into it’s respective Project.

I wonder if there’s a way to use the search function for this. I wonder if I could use your copy/paste method to paste these subtasks into each of the 150 current tasks, and then do a search for the subtask name and “mass edit” all the search results into that specific project.

@LEGGO does CSV importer work with subtasks?

@Bastien_Siebman - yes, but you can’t import to existing tasks. The user would need to individually choose to “make subtask of” each imported item. While this would prevent the need to mass edit, it is time consuming to do this for each task. There isn’t a bulk edit action for “make subtask of” as of yet.

The preferred solution IMO is to use Flowsana to take a task (containing all the necessary details) and have a trigger copy that task and apply it as a subtask of another task. I prefer to have a Custom Field that serves the sole purpose of being a trigger for this action. Here is what the rule description looks like:

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