Update url to reflect state of board (filter, sort) etc. to make a specific view shareable

I’m adding my voice to this ask – also sharing what I’ve used as sorts of a workaround: Reporting. I keep a dashboard with “Number” charts with specific filters. The nice thing is that clicking on the number will take me (or whoever opens this dashboard) to the list of tasks that meet the criteria.

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+1 for the record.
I’ve been missing this feature since I started working in asana and unfortunately I can’t threaten you that I’ll move away as… my whole company is using it.

TBH the amount of missing “common-sense” features in asana is astonishing.

+1 for this feature.

It’s incredibly annoying not being able to link to a pre-filtered board!

I think it is a “must-have” feature for working with a team quickly on different views of the same board.