Update url to reflect state of board (filter, sort) etc. to make a specific view shareable

Love the board filtering/sorting functionality. What I lack is the ability to send somebody a link to a filtered and/or sorted version of my board, e.g. all tasks with the status “blocked” for a specific client, or similar. As of now, I am unable to do this, as the filter state isn’t reflected in the url.


Hi @Oscar_Hillestad, thanks for posting! If you save the view as default and share the link to the Project, the user opening the link will see the same sorting/filtering you saved. More information here.

Of course, their access to the Project will depend on their permission level in your Team (if they are Guests or Members; if the Project is Private or Public).

I hope this helps, but if I’m missing something, please let me know! :slight_smile:

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Hi @Vanessa_N – thanks for your swift reply. Of course I know about the “Save view for everyone” feature, but this is not what I want. I want to keep the default view unsorted but send a co-worker a link to a filtered view.


Thank you for clarifying, @Oscar_Hillestad! It makes sense, and you are correct, it is not possible to do that in Asana at this time, but let’s hope our Developers can make this feature available in the near future. I’ve noted your feedback for our Product team on my end as well. :slight_smile:


I’m in total need of the feature you are talking about Oscar–I work on a team of people who all have access to the project. Setting the filter default sets it for EVERYONE. I hope that this feature is made happen soon.

This is a great example where the users stating a clear frustration and the frustration isn’t taken seriously by the technical team. Thanks for the pat on the head and a punch in the arm to communicate that you “feel” us. But, I think it’s fair to say that we’d actually appreciate some instant and immediate action or timeline on when we can expect such a feature to be added.


Hey @Vanessa_N, is there any ETA for this (very important) feature?

Hi @Noam_Berman, thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, we do not have a timeline to share at the moment, but we’ll be sure to update everyone once we have any news.

I came here searching for the same thing. But what I have is a shared board where we do our sprint plannings. 95% of the time when I open this board, I am only interested to see my own tasks, so the first time I do then is to filter for “Just my tasks”.
But I cannot save this as the default, because of course the other team members are interested in their own tasks, not mine. Am I missing something here? It seems like a pretty basic feature…


And yes, I’m aware that there is “My Tasks”, but it doesn’t show/handle the Sections, which is really what I’m looking for: which tasks on this board do I have in which section (i.e. what task from which section will I focus on next?)


I need this feature as well.

  1. first any modern web app should reflect status of screen in URL!!!
  2. second> I need to share tasks assigned in specific project to specific guys in the team. I cannot do this now. (to create a report per project per each person is too complicated and does not show the sections in the project)

This feature request gets my vote as well! In discussions with others, sending them a link that shows the same view as I have in front of me (w/o making it default!) would be a tremendous help for collaboration.

For me, main use case are

  • sorting by a specific attribute
  • (custom) filter set

I can’t believe this feature hasn’t been added yet. If it’s not added soon it’s likely I’ll take my team to another solution. We are constantly hung up explaining how to set filter/context. Sending a link with filter parameters set would be SO helpful to us.


Links that don’t preserve filtered views unfortunately undermine the efficiency of the shareable link feature.

It’s one thing to say :

  1. please reference the following deliverables with “this link” (filtered for stakeholders)
  2. you can find the deliverables you’re interested in by going to “this link” . Once you’re there, be sure to apply this filter, sort this column this way, and then sort this column that way.

It’s a lot less actionable and is hindering our stakeholder adoption with Asana :crying_cat_face:

  • 2.5 years later :frowning:

I need this feature too, please. It’s very surprising that such a simple and important feature has not been prioritised by the Asana product team in more than 2 years, over other questionable features like Workflows.
I am moving to a different tool as Asana does not provide such basic essential features.


I have a really serious need for this and I’m a little shocked it doesn’t already do this


I’m also in need for this. I would like to create one URL per employee in my team and shortcut them in Chrome favorites so I can land straight where I want.


This would be a very powerful feature, as it would plug a lot of Asana’s list features into anything that can use a URL.

Has my vote!


I need this feature too. It’s incredibly useful. Please prioritize this!

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Hi, +1. This is my biggest pain point in Asana. I say this as one of my company’s Asana champions, having just migrated us from several competing PM boards into a set of Asana boards. I love you guys - but your filter and sort functionality feels frankly immature and neglected for a tool of this scope and caliber.