Unwanted section "(no section)" in list view

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:

I have an actual section titled “(no section)” in the list view which I cannot delete or at least make the section header invisible (as it was before).

Steps to reproduce:

I rearranged the columns on a project’s board so tasks move left to right.
Then I was dumbfounded to learn that the sections in list view were also rearranged (we work “from the bottom upwards”).
Then I reverted column order on the board and now I still have an actual section titled “(no section)” in the list view which I cannot delete or at list make the section header invisible (as it was before).

Browser version:

Chromium 76, but any other browser will show the same

Upload screenshots below:


Welcome to the Forum @Somebody and thank you for reaching out!

Let me see if we can solve this together. You should be able to delete the “No Section” section if you remove all its completed and incomplete tasks.

To do this I recommend to follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Project’s list view
  2. Choose the “All tasks” view
  3. Go to your “No Section” section
  4. Rearrange all the task within this section until it’s empty
  5. Click the three dot icon next to the section name
  6. Click delete section

Please let me know if this helps! Looking forward to your reply!


Dear @Natalia

I moved all 600 tasks out of “(no section)”. Still Asana won’t let me delete that section. The section title also doesn’t hide itself like in the other projects where I did not alter board columns.

Correction: “Delete” became available after a while.

Thank you for the follow-up @Somebody. I’m glad you were able to solve it. :grinning:

If there is anything else I can help you with, don’t hesitate to reach out again. Have a great Tuesday!

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Very cool name by the way :sweat_smile::grimacing:

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I have the same problem as his initial request. My coworker and I do not use sections and still see the same “no section” next to our project folder name in the task. I followed your instructions above and they don’t work to make the “no section” go away.

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So it would appear that you form everything into a default section called “no section” unless you rename it and there is no deleting it. I stumbled on that in the Board view. I don’t want any section and I don’t want to be forced to select “no section” when adding tasks to a project folder. How can we make that go away?

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