Unito's new integration lets you seamlessly sync Asana with Slack, Notion and Google Sheets.

If your Labor Day resolution was to stop spending so much time pressing ctrl+c and ctrl+v while creating the tasks you just assigned people in Slack then you might want to check out Unito. The new 2-way integrations with Google Sheets, Slack and Notion (these are just the new integrations, there are so many more) were designed specifically to save you time, so go ahead, check it out, set it up and grab a coffee.




Thank you so much for sharing, @ReidT! :star:

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I agree. I really love using Unito to sync stuff 2 ways

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with this solution, can you create an embed code to add your Asana project task in Notion and have it sync 2 ways?
Instead of creating an automation to create a task in Asana when it’s created in Notion (like Zapier). I would like to have a view in real time of my Asana project in Notion (the same as we can do in Team).


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Hey @Audrey_Patry-Herard,

Yes, you can have Asana Tasks sync 2 ways with Notion but you wont need an embed code, just plug and play your accounts into the Unito tool, select two way and then create your rules. Low code for the win. :slight_smile: