Unassigning tasks not possible with keyboard shortcut?

Hi guys,

When I’m working from my tasks and I’m processing incoming tasks, I process many tasks by adding them to the relevant project and then unassigning the task from myself to clear up ‘My Tasks’ again. But while processing I cannot seem to find a way to use -just- keyboard shortcuts to unassign tasks from myself. Everything else works with shortcuts (selecting tasks, adding to project, etc) but when I type tab+A, I cant backspace to unassign from myself. This only seems to be possible by clicking the X manually with use of mouse/ trackpad. Is there another way to do this? This is killing my efficiency in processing incoming tasks.

Not sure if this is the right category for my question, but very thankful for anyone who might be able to help!

Anne Nynke

Hi @AnneNynke :wave: Thank you for reaching out!

As it stands, there is currently no Keyboard shortcut to unassign a Task. As you mentioned, the way to do it is by manually clicking the X button. You can learn more about Keyboard Shortcuts here.

One workaround could be to multi-select all tasks and then clicking the X button to unassign them from you at once.

I know this is not exactly what you are looking for but I hope it helps! Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Have a great day!

Hi Natalia,

Thanks for your response! Ahh that is unfortunate. I am using the multi-select X approach, but it’s still an action that requires a mouse or trackpad, so still suboptimal.
Is this on your roadmap already? If so, could you link it? I’d like to upvote it!

I’d love the same shortcut! Can we move this to product feedback and upvote?