Unassign tasks in bulk

Before the new list view in table format was implemented i was able to bulk select multiple tasks and unassign them in one go. Now i can’t see how to do this without having to assign all the selected tasks to myself and then clicking on the cross in the ‘assigned to’ box to remove. Would be great to be able to unassign tasks directly from the selection.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @Joanna_Yiptatchung :grinning:

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Hey @Natalia,

Have there been any updates to this? The “My Tasks” section is flooded with nonsense items that were automatically assigned to me due to the use of templates. I see that when selecting multiple tasks there’s an option to reassign, but I see no way of bulk unassigning! Unfortunately “My Tasks” doesn’t allow me to add the field “Assignee” either to resolve it that way… :cry:

Agreed. It would very useful to bulk edit items in “My Tasks” to make them unassigned.

Until then, here’s a workaround that saved me a bunch of time…

  1. Click “Show More” at the bottom of the Favorites menu in the left navigation panel.

  2. Select “All Items”

  3. Select the “Refine Search” option in the top-right menu.

  4. In the search form, add yourself to the “Assigned To” field. You also probably want to select the “Incomplete” tasks filter, assuming you’re just trying to alter open tasks (not ones you completed in the past). Then select “Search”.

  5. You should now see a list of incomplete tasks assigned to you. Multi-select all of the tasks you want to modify. (Note: You can only modify up to 50 at a time. So you may need to repeat this step and the following steps a few times.)

  6. Select the “X” next to your name in the Assignee column for any one of the selected tasks. This should remove you from all of the selected tasks.

  7. Finally, breathe a sigh of relief that you didn’t have to manually edit hundreds of individual tasks. :sweat_smile:

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This is possible in the project view, but not possible in the My Tasks view.

Is it possible to update the original feedback or title to reflect the “My Tasks” criteria?